Dienstag, 23.5.17, 21 Uhr, Glockenhaus

Elektroakustische Musik
aus Mazedonien



Vlatko Georgiev (MK)

Elevator 7.04

Composition “Elevator” is based on 3 take recordings of elevator’s movement:
-2 takes (from the interior of the elevator) recorded sounds produced by elevator going up and down for 7 floors
-1 take recorded sounds in the elevator's machine room
Recorded sounds are structurally layered and have different spatial positioning. The rhythmic elements are arranged mostly symmetrically with the polyrhythmic variations. Spectral editing and combination of selected resonating frequencies gives tonal character and opportunity to build chordal structure.
Elevator traveling starts as awakening from a beautiful dream. Sudden intrusion of imaginary and unpredictable characters transforms dream into nightmare. Going up and down symbolizes ups and downs in our life, and many floor stops as crossroads in real life and difficulties in making decision for our final destination. Polyrhythmic structure (4/4 vs 5/4) represents hesitancy to continue traveling (dreaming) or to exit (waking up) the elevator. In a very few moments, elevator shows its artificial intelligence and ability to make decisions on its own, as sometimes in real life, direction where the things are going are not up to us. Finally, travel ends on a pleasant and desired place… or maybe not.


Vlatko Georgiev

Noisy Dance

Vlatko Georgiev   

Modulator Addict

Kokan Dimushevski


Kokan Dimushevski


Darija Andovska's "Liquid Crystal"

By definition, liquid crystal is a substance that flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules. This is partly the subtext of the piece, but the main focus of the title is to point to a co-existence of something two seemingly extremely distant qualities which are constantly interchanging, intervening and interacting, although they are the same at their core.