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Komponistenportrait Luong, Hue Trinh


illusions for video & electronics.

Electronics: Luong, Hue Trinh

Beartle - improvisation for piano and electronics.

Piano: Dieter Mack
Electronics: Luong, Hue Trinh


Traces of stillness for electronics.

Electronics: Luong, Hue Trinh


Behind The Mirror 1 for fretless e-guitar, tapes & video

E-Guitar: Martín Donoso Vera


Behind The Mirror 2 for fretless e-guitar, trombone, electronics & video

E-Guitar: Martín Donoso Vera
Trombone: Josete Rosales
Electronics: Luong, Hue Trinh

Luong, Hue Trinh

After studying at Vietnam National Academy of Music from 1998-2010, Luong Hue Trinh graduated with honors in Jazz keyboard. In 2003, she was granted as Exceptional Student by the Association of Yamaha Music, Japan. In 2010, she began to work in electroacoustic music, and finally it became her main focus . She continued her work in this field under the guidance of Vietnamese composer SonX.
Since 2015, she has been awarded a DAAD scholarship for a Master program in Multimedia Composition with supervisor Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu and Prof. Elmar Lampson at HfMT Hamburg.

Her works have been commissioned and performed at many festivals, broadcasted on radio, and exhibited in museums/art spaces in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, the US, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Australia and UK.

Her sound installation in the Riverscape in Flux Exhibition  (2011-13) was presented in five South-East Asian countries by the Goethe Institut. She was also invited to Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum and Banye Art Hotel, Hangzhou, China for concerts/talks in the Asia Experimental Music Current Project – Artist of the Month  in July, 2014. As a creator she was active in: Echoes  (2014) – a “ geolocative” audio project in Hanoi, Copenhagen and workshop at the Roskilde University, Denmark;
The Roving Eye Exhibition - Contemporary Art from South-East Asia  (2014), a sound installation in Istanbul, Turkey; Wenjack (2016), an audio book  for readers who have print disabilities, which was published by The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS), Toronto, Canada.

She did live performances in the following events: Asian Meeting Festival  (2015) in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; Punkt Festival  (2015), Kristiansand, Norway; Blurred Edges Festival  (2016 & 17) Hamburg, Germany; Copenhagen Jazz Festival  (2016), Denmark; opera Dido & Aeneas  (2016) at the Opera Stabile, Staatsoper Hamburg, Germany; in the wESTAMAN  (2017) project about Norwegian industrial history/boat, produced at high schools and musical university colleges in Southern Norway;
Vietnamese words and music  (2017) concert at Inter Arts Center and Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden; Festival Next Generation 7.0: SENSORIK (2017) at ZKM - Center for New Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.

In 2014, her composition Tò Vò  was published by Urban Arts Berlin in the album Synthesis Vol. 1 – a compilation of sound works by female composers from various countries. In 2016, her first album Illusions  was released by Pan y Rosas, Chicago and was on the list of Best of 2016 – Album of The Year  by Avant Music News, San Francisco, USA. AMN had a review about her album “

…Illusions is a remarkably varied offering for its relatively short length. Trinh evokes sadness, melancholy, beauty, and foreboding with a plethora of instruments, recordings and electronics. Highly recommended, and hopefully one of many more to come.”